We offer full boat and bankside access to Extremadura's most beautiful and prolific lakes. Targeting no less than 5 local lakes, including the legendary Orellana & Garcia Sola, together totalling over 60,000 acres. These lakes are teaming with highly sought after fish such as Pike, Bass, Zander, Carp, Barbel. and Wels & Chanel Catfish.

Our In-town & countryside accommodations are both included in your package offering, not only, the historic Spanish village experience, highlighting the incredible food & hospitality of  local bars, restaurants, and cafes,  we also provide, the privacy and solitude of our traditional Off-Grid country house, nestled within  the scenic Spanish countryside with a lovely garden, large sunroom, and in-ground pool, 

We also offer Top quality gear. From our fully equipped boats to our complete bankside accommodation as well as the best carp and predator fishing setups. 

Our many years of collective experience will assure you the maximum holiday experience with the highest level of customer service. Our friendly & knowledgeable staff will help you during every step of your planning and preparation towards your dream holiday and continue to assist you in every way possible for the duration of your stay.

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